söndag 19 mars 2017

Los Angeles based Flor working on full length album

Alternative pop band Flor is signed to Fueled By Ramen Records and will release their full length album later this year, the new single Hold On is the first release since the Sounds EP (2016) , you can watch the official video for Hold on at the link.
For fans of Empire of The Sun.

tisdag 14 mars 2017

Khodara´s slower collection of pop songs

Khodara’s second EP entitled Billie – EP is a slower collection of pop songs, reflecting on the artist’s journey to date.  Produced and co-written once again by Billy Pavone, the 4-song EP has been compared to the XX and Phantogram while vocally recalling an early Madonna or a more refined Lana del Rey.  The purity of Khodara’s heart shines through in the lyrics.  Billie – EP’s overall message of overcoming fear is what young women around the world need to hear right now.
The EP will be out March 17th, stream the title track here:

söndag 5 mars 2017

Mike + The Mechanics set to release first album in 6 years

When Mike Rutherford decided to work under the name Mike + The Mechanics again in 2009/2010, nobody could have suspected that it would take six years to release the follow-up to the last studio album, The Road, which came out in early 2011. And even if looks like Mike has taken himself a lot of time with the new album, it probably wasn not the case, since the Mechanics played a lot of gigs every year (!) since their comeback in 2010. He eventually became one of the most active musicians from the Genesis family. A best of record was also released in 2014 (click here to read our review). Reactions to their last studio album The Road may not have been so positive, but due to the fact that the band has grown and a couple of years have passed, we can look forward to hearing the new album Let Me Fly, due for release on 7th April via BMG.
Listen to the first single Don´t Know What Came Over Me at:

L.A based Weathers offer you happy pills

With an average age of 19, the members of Weathers —  lead singer/rhythm guitarist Cameron Boyer, guitarist Cameron Olsen, bassist Brennen Bates, and  drummer Cole Carson — are part of the post-Millennial Generation Z: Social media-saturated kids who grew up in an insecure post-9/11 world and raised by financially stressed parents affected by the economic downturn. It’s no wonder that a skeptical, unsettled mood permeates the songs that the Los Angeles-based band has written since they officially became Weathers in October 2015.

With the line-up complete, the guys set to writing songs and honing their live show — an electrifying spectacle where the self-described introvert Boyer finally comes out of his shell. “Everything I wish I could scream in person becomes possible onstage,” he says. “I just let it all out. I bottle everything up offstage, so when we perform, I go nuts.” Weathers has played Webster Hall in New York City and The Troubadour in Los Angeles, and performed at this year’s SXSW. In April, they signed with RCA Records and are hard at work on their debut album. “When people listen to our music, we want them to feel like they’ve been heard,” Boyer says. “We want them to reflect on themselves and to have a good time doing it.”
Watch the lyric video for their new single Happy Pills here.

lördag 4 mars 2017

Retrowave track of the week from Michael Oakley

U.K based synthwave artist Michael Oakley is working on his debut album to be out in 2017, the Palace of Pop fell in love with his latest single Turn back time last year and here is another lovely song from Oakley called Devotion.
Another blast from the past with plenty of 80´s vibes in this track.

fredag 3 mars 2017

It ain´t over for electro pop band SLEEPLUST

Indie-electro band, SLEEPLUST, released their latest single “Over,” an honest and heart-wrenching electronic ballad that explores the deep feelings caused by a failed relationship. It tells a vulnerable story of someone who comes to terms with being unable to pretend they are happy, when in reality they are still broken. Following up the success of their self-titled and Remixes EPs, “Over” is the first single off their forthcoming EP, and is now available for streaming here.

onsdag 1 mars 2017

Some enchanted music from The Dream Eaters

The Dream Eaters bring skin-tingling harmonies together as a dream-pop duo like no other. Blending the vocals of Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron, their music will envelop and transform you. Formerly known as simply Jake and Elizabeth, the duo’s sound has evolved from classic shoe-gaze roots to a stripped down, dreamy and ethereal vocal focus. While they draw from a number of influences including dream pop, psychedelic, folk and rock genres, their sound stands in a category of its own, focused around the core of harmonious and haunting melodies.
The Dream Eaters story originated in 2015. After playing clubs with various projects and toiling in obscurity for years in his hometown of Boston and later New York City, Zavracky decided to give up the musicians dream and stop performing completely. Then, while working as a bartender at a dive bar in Brooklyn he met LeBaron, another bartender who had just relocated from Vancouver Island, BC. Discovering that they were fellow musicians, they began to collaborate and found an instant connection. As a composer and producer, Zavracky began writing songs for LeBaron to sing alone but soon found their voices blended together in harmony to create a wholly unique sound. With friends and a growing fanbase providing support, they released a number of EP’s and performed live as “Jake And Elizabeth.” As they began to further define their sound, they began performing under the name “The Dream Eaters.”
Their self-produced debut EP, Five Little Pills was released on June 23, 2016, as the first official release under their new band name. A bare-bones production that they self-recorded and released, it provided the precursor of solidifying their new sound and establishing the process they would use to record their first full-length debut album, We Are A Curse. The album is slated for release on April 14th.