måndag 27 februari 2017

NYC pop duo The Chainsmokers drop Memories Do Not Open LP in April

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are The Chainsmokers, a pop duo from New York City signed to Disruptor / Columbia Records.
Their upcoming album features the two hitsingles Paris and Something Just Like This (with Coldplay).
The new album Memories Do Not Open drops April 7. Watch the video of Paris here.

onsdag 22 februari 2017

Stereo RV announce debut EP Human, out in April

Myra Gleason, Stereo RV's lead singer, has one of the most powerfully expressive voices you've ever heard. Her fervent vocals, backed by the guitar and extraordinary beat boxing abilities of her husband, Gabe, make the vulnerable songs on Human, their debut EP, an overwhelming experience. The tracks are flooded with the joys and sorrows of everyday life, given wing by the record's vibrant production and melodies that will haunt you, even after a single listen.
John DeGrazio and Stan Chan produced the record at Watersound Studio. They remixed and re-mastered three tunes the duo had made on their own ? "Free," "Runaways" and "Who Am I?" They also produced, arranged and played all the instruments on two new ballads - "The One" and "Human" - creating potent, radio ready, backing tracks for them. All the percussion on the album is provided by Gabe's beat boxing, mixed and processed in the studio to add depth to his vocal prestidigitation.
Stream Human from the debut EP here.

måndag 20 februari 2017

Rise Records artists Chapel deliver another pop anthem with Fool´s Gold

Carter Hardin and Kortney Grinwis are Chapel, an alternative pop duo from Athens, Georgia. Signed to Rise Records and debuted with the single Caught Up. Now they´re back with the brand new single Fool´s gold.
Listen here.

söndag 19 februari 2017

Here´s your TeamMate

The breakout band’s debut LP, TeamMate, is stuffed full of massive choruses, bright, shimmering melodies, arena-scale drums and the sort of anthemic choruses not easily removable from one’s brain. “We’re shooting information off each other and the result is this collaborative piece,” Buncher, who plays drums in the group, says when assessing the duo’s seamless integration of musical talent. “We always just want to see where the sound goes.”
TeamMate is out now on Rostrum Records.
Stream What You Got from the new album here

Summer pop time with Alex Shield

Are you up for some summer pop from Sweden? Then check out Alex Shield´s new single The Good Fight streaming at the link below.
Alex Shield is signed to Per Gessle´s record label Space Station 12, the new single is the follow-up to New York City Ways that was co-written by Per Gessle himself.

torsdag 16 februari 2017

Violet Days go high on new single Suck At Love

If you don´t know about Violet Days already, it´s about time you get your share of sweet, luxurious pop with her new single Suck At Love.
You can stream the song at the link, Suck At Love releases tomorrow.

onsdag 15 februari 2017

Rio Negro blend poetry and electronica on debut EP

Rio Negro is a collective artistic project that originated in Stockholm, Sweden with the ambition of exploring the creativecombination of poetry and various types of electroacoustic music. The project is the brainchild of Victor Moreno a Sweden-based writer, photographer and artist, together with leading poetic, musical, and visual talents from around the world.
The debut EP An Abrupt Solidity To The Light is now available on Bandcamp.

tisdag 14 februari 2017

Another floorfiller from Katy Perry

Katy Perry´s new single Chained to the rhythm is a floorfiller, the first taste of her 4th major album out later in 2017.
This song might not seem like an instant hit at first but after a few spins, the DJ´s will play it non-stop and you will never stop dancing.
It truly keeps me chained to the rhythm.
Watch the lyric video here.

Summer pop from Poland with Diviners

Kamil Pankowski and Kamil Relikowski are two up and coming DJ´s and music producers based in Poland, the duo has close to 10 million streams on Spotify for songs like Thousand Years and Savannah.
This month they released the brand new single Wild Hearts.
Listen here.

söndag 12 februari 2017

Dutch duo Trip To Dover makes you wanna dance

Trip to Dover is an alternative indie electro duo from the Netherlands that makes driving, melodic songs with elements of rock, 80’s synthpop and DJ-style electronics.
Imagine Dave Grohl's twin sister meets a Chemical Brother at a concert of The Naked and Famous.
The band was formed in Brighton (UK) by vocalist/guitarist Olga and synth-player Johannes, who moved there after deciding their careers in architecture and politics were not what they were after. From there they self-released two EP’s. 

Their new record Fade Into Gold drops February 24th.
Watch the official video of I´ll be Juliet.

fredag 10 februari 2017

Dark pop band J GRGRY releases ethereal debut EP

Dark-pop band, J GRGY released their debut EP, GOLD TEETH + GLASS EYES, a gripping project comprised of airy instrumentation, driving electro-pop beats and haunting lyrics. A perfect balance of dance tunes and dark acoustics, GOLD TEETH + GLASS EYES is something anyone can fall in love with. The EP is out now.
Watch the video of Cave Birds from the EP here.

tisdag 7 februari 2017

Welcome the new hitmachine SAVEUS

Imagine a blend of the electro pop of TwentyOne Pilots, the psychedelic soul of Mute Math and the alternative pop of Erik Hassle and you will get Martin Hedegaard aka SAVEUS.
SAVEUS is a new pop phenomenon from Denmark, the debut EP Will Somebody Save Us is now out on Copenhagen Records on iTunes and Spotify.
The EP features the singles Everchanging, Levitate Me and Will Somebody Save Us.
Listen to the title track here.

fredag 3 februari 2017

Jesse Hale Moore shares new track Calling You Out

Jesse Hale Moore was born and raised on Aquidneck Island, RI. Moore grew up surrounded by music in a family where everybody could sing and play an instrument. It wasn’t uncommon for family gatherings to turn into jam sessions with guitars, mandolins, and many voices singing in harmony to a repertoire consisting primarily of American Folk standards. Through his adolescence Moore studied piano and voice and was always making music of his own. Artists like Ben Folds and Elton John inspired his earliest songs written in high school, a time when he’d host moody nights of candle-lit musical performances in the living room of his parent’s home.

Moore is inspired by the textures and space at play in music by artists like Sade and Rhye and he aims for a sound that stands the test of time. Other influences include Hall and Oates, Carole King, Roberta Flack, and Beck. His first album is an intimate introduction to an artist who is ready to carve out a space of his own within the world of classic American songwriters.
Be sure to keep Jesse on your radar, he plans to release his debut album 'Green End' on April 7th via AWAL/Kobalt Music Recordings.
Listen to the new single Calling You Out here.

Drew Vision releases music video for Without You

Drew Vision (Andrew McCreary) is an R&B star on the rise. Professionally trained, talented both vocally & lyrically, confident, yet humble – he is the total package. After more than a decade of live performances, his stage presence captures every room & screen and gives his fans an immersive and engaging experience. With a unique, soulful sound that is both current and a nod to the past, Drew connects with almost every demographic. While his natural talent is undeniable, he fully recognizes how fortunate and blessed he is to be doing what he loves. He is truly one of a kind. Although focused on his solo career, Drew has worked with a long list of performers including Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé & Kanye West. Music is Drew’s passion, but he has also recently done modeling & ambassador work for many national brands including Coach, Pepsi, Lays, Bacardi & Samsung.

Drew Vision has produced 3 albums over the last decade.  In the Fall of 2016, he went to Europe where he worked with Grammy Award-winning and platinum selling producers on 5 new singles.  ‘Without You’ was written and produced in Sweden with Chris Wahle, Lisa Desmond & Sowlkid.  The upbeat & infectious song represents Drew’s intentional hybrid of Pop and R&B with worldly/Caribbean sounds.  Available everywhere including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon.
Watch the Without You music video here.