tisdag 31 januari 2017

Berlin signed synth pop from M.I.N.E

M.I.N.E. is the new synthpop band project of Marcus Meyn (voc), Jochen Schmalbach (drums), Volker Hinkel (guitar) and Jakob Nebel (guitar/keys).
Watch the official video of their latest single Things We´ve Done

måndag 30 januari 2017

Saby Cheek from Austria team up with Falco band leader Peter Vieweger

Saby Cheek´s music style is a mix of rock and roll strength and singer/songwriter sensitivity. Saby is most inspired by Gerry Rafferty. She says -I still listen to several albums of him when I am stuck in my own music.I am also inspired by former albums of the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge. 
Founding bands since 1992 happened to be a way to calm down Saby´s mind from permanent search for something, at least back then.
In 2016 she again started focusing on herself. With the release of her latest single „Like I Love You“ – out January 22nd 2017 – she is ready for the next step. Working together with Peter Vieweger (producer and Falco band leader) was just amazing and again helped Saby to concentrate on the most important, songwriting.
Like I Love You is available on Amazon and iTunes.
Listen at:

lördag 28 januari 2017

Daniel Levi from Estonia ready to compete with All I Need

The 9th edition of Eesti Laul in Estonia is gearing up with it’s first semi-final is scheduled for the 11th February and the second semi-final is scheduled for the 18th February and the final is scheduled for the 4th March 2017. The group Daniel Levi are one of the participants.
Daniel Levi is a group of friends that have known each other for ten years.
The band comments the new single "“All I need” is something that me and Ago have put a lot of effort in. We believe that it speaks to people in Estonia as well as in the whole Europe. The vibe of this song is somewhat different than it was in Burning Lights. But it definitely makes you feel good and maybe even try out some dance moves."
Listen to All I Need here.

fredag 13 januari 2017

TeamMate stream new infectious single Damage

There are the cheesy, tender love stories and the boring, static ones; the heartbreakers and those head-shakers that never even make it past that cringeworthy pickup line. Scott Simons and Dani Buncher know theirs doesn’t fit easy description. 
Simons says of his and Buncher’s decision instead to forge ahead on their winding road of a relationship. Rather than lose the other, they chose to embrace their unparalleled connection, forming the synth-pop duo TeamMate.
Having grown as both musical collaborators, partners and, most importantly, friends, TeamMate are finally at a point of being realistically optimistic and excited about their future. 
Stream their new single Damage here.

Beta State kicking off 2017 with the new song Make it up to you

San Fransisco based alternative pop band Beta State are kicking off 2017 with a brand new song called Make It Up To You.
Listen here.

torsdag 12 januari 2017

For fans of Kate Bush and Björk, here´s Verena Von Horsten

is the second solo album by artist Verena von Horsten. It was written, produced and recorded mostly by herself in New York and Zurich.
It is a haunting musical insight into the complex processes she had to go through after her brother Hakon died of suicide.
These ten compositions are in no way light-hearted. Her heavy synth-rock/art-pop songs as well as her omnipresent voice demand the listener's full attention. Both musically and lyrically, the album is a passionate cry to the way our society deals with suicide and the causes leading to it, and to the way we make these topics taboo.
Watch the video of Fire, taken from Alien Angel Super Death, out today.

måndag 9 januari 2017

Indie pop band The Shins announce new LP Heartworms

The Shins are an indie pop band from New Mexico, now based in Portland, Oregon. Their 5th album Heartworms is released on March 10 through Columbia Records.
Listen to the new single Name For You.

Feel the precision from The New Division

The New Division is the alias of Los Angeles based electronic Musician/Producer John Glenn Kunkel. With 3 albums and 4 EP's as well as numerous remixes and productions featuring on his impressive and extensive resume, Kunkel starts 2017 with The New Division’s most euphoric and synth-heavy record yet: PRECISION. 

Featuring six analog driven tracks, Kunkel describes his latest work as, “An homage to neon-tinted dystopian cityscapes,” drawing inspiration from synth-laden neo-retro pop, Moroder melodics, vintage-inspired electronica, and cinematic sensibilities to create something wholly unique that is referential yet inherently forward thinking. 
Stream or buy the EP at:

Amsterdam based CUT_ is caught in the undertow

Focusing on encompassing the full spectrum of artistry, CUT_ have made video and visuals an important part of their image, as well as trying to excel in their live shows. “We find that live shows are a way to really distinguish yourself as an artist nowadays, especially when, like in our case, the music is focused on electronic production. We make a point of doing everything live.” (Sebastiaan Dutilh: production & songwriting)
This Amsterdam based electronic music duo combines catchy pop songs with deep soundscapes.
Stream their new single Undertow here.

Introducing TYNI as a fighter

Fighter is the debut single from Sheffield based artist TYNI, this infectious electronic pop song is now available on iTunes and Spotify.
Stream it here.

lördag 7 januari 2017

Daniel Powter´s new single is delicious

Daniel Powter creates music the way most people breathe—it’s simply what he does as a way of getting along. “I write songs to make sense of the world around me,” says Powter, a native of British Columbia now living in Los Angeles with his two young children. “And that’s how I’ve been since I was 10 years old, long before anyone else was listening.”
Daniel Powter´s brand new single Delicious is out now, check it out here.

torsdag 5 januari 2017

Beverly Girl knows how to bring 80´s disco into 2017

Beverly Girl is one of the funkiest groups Finland has to offer for 2017. The Helsinki-born trio has a deep, disco, modern funk and r&b -influenced style that has taken the group via Internet blogs all over the world.

​Served with sultry vocals and glittery drum machine rhythms, their music has brought the band a noticeable amount of national airplay in the Finnish radio.
The band has had an extremely busy year with recording, performing and organizing their own monthly “Club Beverly” in central Helsinki. The group is currently preparing for new material to be released via Ranka Kustannus, while promising their audience even catchier grooves to jam to. 

Their latest single, "Contagious" was chosen as a Record Of The Day in London, which has caused even more buzz for the group.
Beverly Girl´s new 80´s disco anthem Mind Games is released tomorrow, watch the video here.

Palace of Pop presents Iris

Taking elements of rock, glitch, retro-flavored-synthethic, and coloring it with a decidedly melodic worldview, Iris (Austin/New York) is a band that's hard to classify.
Originally a bar band of sorts, singer Reagan Jones and original keyboardist Matt Morris banded together in the last 90’s to create uniquely melodic, synth-heavy pop tracks.
The band has released 5 studio albums and two remix albums, Reconnect and Hydra.
Current members : Reagan Jones - Lead Vocals/keyboards, Andrew Sega - Keyboards/Guitars

Their first record, “Disconnect” spawned the worldwide club hit "Annie, Would I Lie To You?", and was one of the best-selling records in label A Different Drum’s history. Three more singles followed, but tensions between Reagan and Matt were coming to a head, and the band began to break apart.
In the summer of 2000, Iris was voted Best Band and Best Album at the first annual American Synthpop Awards.
Disconnect (1999) : Tracklisting : 1.Lose in wanting 2.Saving time 3.Endless 4.Twilight 5.The way I live my life 6.Annie, would I lie to you 7.Danger is the shame 8.Waves crash in 9.Loom 10.The picture

Luckily, a few years later, Reagan hooked up with new member Andrew Sega, and started a whole new chapter in the band’s history. Adding some guitars to the mix, and taking the production in a more experimentally electronic direction, Iris released “Awakening” in 2003. It was memorably organic, powerful, and really showcased Reagan’s strong songwriting. This would also be the first Iris release on Andrew’s new label, Diffusion Records. The success of this record led to a European release deal, a full tour of Germany and Switzerland, and festival dates in Sweden and the UK.
This disc also includes an electrifying version of the Seven Red Seven classic "You´re the answer".
Awakening (2003) : Tracklisting 1.Whatever 2.Unknown 3.Sorrow expert 4.When I´m not around 5.Sentimental scar 6.You´re the answer 7.In spite 8.Vacant 9.Wait move on 10.Island

During this time, the third record was taking shape. For this record, the band wanted to take a more aggressive approach, add a bit of darkness, and keep pushing the edges of their sound. The mixture of these elements culminated in 2005’s “Wrath”. Rock-oriented songs collided with electronic beats and evocative, atmospheric soundscapes. The first single, “Appetite” went to 1 on mainstream radio in Poland, and the band set off again for more European shows, festivals in Moscow and London, and toured with electro-pop luminaries such as De/Vision and Mesh.
Wrath (2005) : Tracklisting 1.Lands of fire 2.It generates 3.Imposter 4.Appetite 5.Guide on raging stars 6.68 7.No one left to lose 8.Hell´s coming with me 9.Intercede light 10.Delivered one

In 2010, Iris released their 4th full length Blacklight through Infacted Recordings. After finishing it´s supporting tour in the U.S, the duo parted ways due to a tour argument. There was more than a year of silence between the bandmembers, which ended when Jones sent Sega three demo songs.
Blacklight (2010) : Tracklisting 1.Closer to real 2.X wires 3.Panic rev 4.The Marianas depth 5.Disintegrate 6.Fighter 7.Red right return 8.Prophetic 9.Cruel silence

In 2014, Iris signed with Dependent Records and released their latest album Radiant.
Radiant is a story of a man who all of a sudden sees his world in a new environment and realises how bright and radiant it truly can be, if one looks upon it with different eyes.
Radiant (2014) : Tracklisting 1.Another way 2.Phenom 3.Wayseer 4.In the clear 5.Sound becomes waves 6.Don´t cry 7.Infinite yonder 8.Cries of insanity 9.Rewired 10.Sight unseen 11.Life in a forest

Watch the unofficial video of Red Right Return (Blacklight) at:

tisdag 3 januari 2017

Griffin Oskar ready to conquer the world with Hostage EP

At 21-years-old, Griffin Oskar packed his bags, grabbed his guitar, and moved from Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA. At first glance, it might sound like a familiar story, but he had no intentions of chasing the spotlight. Rather, he wanted to be behind the scenes.

“I didn’t plan on becoming an artist at all,” he admits. “I thought the skills I had were that of a songwriter or producer, so I figured I would go that route.”

In Portland, he had written a song called "Hostage.”. In 2015, as he began working with a myriad of artists around Los Angeles, he returned to that track to properly finish it. Rolling the dice, he uploaded it online under the name Småland, named after a small village in Sweden—the country of his father’s birth. Swedish electronic dance music producer Danrell heard the song and reached out to do a remix. The remix would eventually amass over 6 million Soundcloud plays, and went #1 on the US Viral and Global Viral charts, while an unofficial Spotify upload garnered 7.2 million streams.

Griffin Oskar´s debut EP Hostage is out Feb 3rd on Republic Records.
Tracklisting : 1.Hostage 2.Never loved me 3.Head above water 4.Bulletproof