lördag 8 april 2017

Kovic´s Ropes is one of the biggest choruses you´ll hear this year

Kovic is the brand new artist signed to independent record label, High Time Records. Following up their unprecedented success with The Hunna earlier in 2016 (who debuted at #3 on the UK Indie chart and #13 on the official UK album chart), High Time Records have teamed up with the super talented up and coming Director Haris Nukem (previous work includes Boy London and Selfridges) to produce a series of music videos that it's hoped will see Kovic go even higher in the charts.
Kovic's 'Ropes' is an anthemic track accompanied by one of the biggest choruses you’ll hear all year. ‘Ropes’ is co-produced by Scott himself, alongside the acclaimed Dan Bryer. This is the third of seven short features that will accompany future Kovic releases and will form a short film for fans to watch back.
You can watch the video here.

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