lördag 31 december 2016

Kelly Clarkson gets emotional on It´s quiet uptown

Kelly Clarkson has signed with Atlantic Records and will release her 8th studio album this summer, Kelly´s live performance of the new song It´s Quiet Uptown can be viewed at the link below, the song is featured in the stage musical The Hamilton Mixtape.

onsdag 14 december 2016

Introducing Dani and her new video Cruel

Dani grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada and spent her youth studying various styles of dance and was classically trained in both voice and piano. Once Dani turned 18 and realized that Alberta could not elevate her music career, she made the move to Toronto and spent as much time as possible developing her sound.
“Cruel” is the follow up to Dani´s debut single “Love U More”. The lyrics were not only intended for Dani herself, but also for others who may have experienced the strange and disconnected feeling of being addicted.
Watch the video here:

torsdag 8 december 2016

Russian electro pop band Tesla Boy delivers new video Circles

Here are some things you should know about Tesla Boy: 

1. They're a Russian quartet made up of Anton Sevidov, Leo Zatagin, Stas "Pioneerball" Astakhov, and Mike Studnitsyn. 

2. They make synth-stoked electronica with a pinch of 80s new wave pop. Remember Zoot Woman / Jacques Lu Cont / Les Rythmes Digitales? Probably not, but there are hints of all Stuart Price's acts in Tesla Boy's polished curves. 

3. Back in March they released a video for "Nothing" directed by LA auteur Ryan Patrick, who's helmed videos for Cut Copy, The Weeknd and more. It's less a music video than a rad short film featuring a girl under house arrest. She's visited by some social worker peeps and asked to show them, using a life-size burlap doll, "what happened to Sergei." This leads to the most brilliantly freaky and fabulous interpretive dancing and elegant dry humping sequence. As if a fully grown Maddie Ziegler was reworking Lars and the Real Girl as a murderous musical. She re-enacts her entire relationship with Sergei and we're officially in love with this lead actress Jade-Lorna Sullivan.

4. For their video for "Circles"—a house-meets-Italo-disco number—they re-team with Patrick and Sullivan and the results are similarly stunning. It all takes place in a Chinese restaurant where faces are peeled and waving roast chickens are tangoed with. App dating is also involved in the storyline, and just like with "Nothing" some sick choreography is deployed (thanks to Denna Thomsen, who's worked with Sigur Ros and Sia). 
Watch their new video Circles here, it´s soooo cool.

Golden Sounds will make ya move

Golden Coast conjures up its California namesake with danceable drums, sunny synths, verby guitars and just enough rasp in the falsetto to offset the levity.  The duo made the trek from the mountains of Colorado and the San Jacinto desert to Los Angeles nearly a decade ago, met in college while producing and writing for various artists before finally deciding to team up and release a project of their own.  Golden Coast combines the best of both their skill-sets: a mixture of electronic and organic instruments, tight production, and sanguine themes set to no shortage of instantly hooky melodies.
Check out their new single Make Ya Move here.

torsdag 1 december 2016

Lionfly Secrets, promising electro pop band from Sweden

Lionfly Secrets released their new single “Epiphany” on Friday 18th November. “Epiphany ” is a bombastic, energetic electro-pop symphony. It is four minutes of hook-filled melody with striking synths, crashing guitars and a female vocal that thunders boldly through the progressiveness of the track.  The production is rich, colourful and steady.  Erica’s vocals reverb through the track and sit perfectly with the electro style of their music. Fellow bandmate Nikolai Hemmingsson is the Producer charged with the warmth and power of the production and serves up a track full of oomph and dynamism.  Erica describes the song as a moment of diversion from reality “We wanted to create a soundtrack for escapism. Walking around in headphones and dream away that you are in a dreamworld and a better place, but then you have to take the earphones out and get back to reality where nothing is as good as you hoped it was”.
Check out the audio here.