onsdag 17 maj 2017

From the city lights of Kiev back to Belgium, young and talented Blanche recording debut EP

Inspired by her older brother Oliver Lord, who’s a singer, Blanche started singing and playing the guitar and piano takes from a very young age, always curious to discover new instruments.
Age 16,she took part in the fifth season of The Voice Belgium, under her real name Ellie Delvaux, and was selected by French pop act Cats On Trees.

She went all the way to the semifinals, and was praised for her touching performances and atypical timbre. After the show ended, she was contacted by Pierre Dumoulin (from the band Roscoe) who offered to try and write some demos for her. They immediately clicked, and after a few writing sessions, they were ready to premier the tracks for Pierre’s record company [PIAS]. Subsequently, Belgian national radio-television RTBF fell head over heels for one of the songs, and proposed she enter the Eurovision song contest. This year, Blanche represented Belgium in Kiev during the 62nd Eurovision song contest with the song City Lights, while at the same time writing and recording her debut EP.
Watch the official video for City Lights.

AJR wants you to click on their new music video Weak

There is no band, no song, no video, no sound, that is more “now” than AJR. The band — three brothers born and raised in New York City — has achieved a startling quick level of success with “I’m Ready,” a buoyant electro-pop single that’s taking off on social media. The numbers: over 10 Million views on YouTube, Gold record in the USA and Double Platinum Internationally, features in Billboard, the NY Post, and on MTV. Festival performances in front of 10,000+ people. They have also performed on the Today Show, X-Factor, Kelly and Michael and many other national television shows.

More amazing? They’ve done this all on their own. No pop svengali overseeing their work. No studio musicians filling in the blanks. No Max Martin co-write. AJR may, in fact, be the first indie, DIY pop group from New York to make a splash. They’re certainly the only group that’s done while writing, recording and producing all their own songs in their Chelsea living room.
Watch the official video for Weak, from the new album The Click, out June 9th.

tisdag 16 maj 2017

Retrowave artist Michael Oakley inspired by Tangerine Dream on new song

Palace of Pop fave Michael Oakley release new song End of Summer, here´s what Michael had to say about the song.
-Honoured to have NewRetroWave debut my new song End Of Summer (yes I'm fully aware it's only May lol) I started writing this song last year after I saw a Tom Cruise movie called Risky Business and heard the amazing and hypnotic Tangerine Dream soundtrack. End Of Summer is about that moment we've all had when you realise a relationship you're in is over and you don't know what to do because you're caught between the way you want things to be and the way they really are.
I called upon a couple of super talented friends of mine to help make what I did sound way better. Mixing/production as well as some beautiful guitar by John Kunkel from The New Division. Also James Meays from Missing Words put some killer synth lead parts on this too.
Listen here.

måndag 15 maj 2017

Brisbane, Australia based Joy In Motion set to release debut EP Falling Out in May

Falling Out is the title track for the debut EP by fresh new pop/rock act Joy In Motion. “This track drew heavy inspiration from Tom DeLonge’s work on Angels and Airwaves, and stayed fairly true to its initial vision throughout the recording process,” comments Jake Solway. “Combining the ambient soundscapes from his later writing, while also keeping the drums simple and catchy like a Blink-182 song is exactly the vibe we were going for.

The chorus is probably the most lyrically simplistic thing on this EP, but I felt it captures exactly what we all feel when we're ready to move on. I didn't want to get caught up in writing long winded metaphors when a simple "this is the end" says more than enough. In this case, I didn't want to say it, I wanted to sing it, and I want everybody else to sing it. It summarises all of the stories we’ve tried to tell and drives home the message we wanted to convey with this EP.
Watch the official video for Falling Out here.